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Anual Pancake Breafast Fundraiser

Posted on Jan 30 2017 - 11:42am

On February 5 the Troop and Pack will be hosting our annual pancake breakfast fundraiser. This is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year.  We do anticipate that all Scouts will help out in a manner that is appropriate to their  age.  There will be plenty to do. The funds raised from this event go directly to support the Troop and Packs outdoor program.  Thanks in advance for all your help. Attached is a flier that can be printed.

No Meetings January 2nd in ovservation of the New Year!

Posted on Dec 31 2016 - 7:22pm

Happy New Year!

No Meeting On December 26th

Posted on Dec 24 2016 - 10:40pm

There will be no meetings on December 26th in observation of Christmas.  Have a very Merry and Safe Christmas!!

M.O.M. (Meals On Mondays)!

Posted on Dec 5 2016 - 4:08pm

We want to formally make the announcement that we are officially going to be having a meal that will be provided for everyone who attends the meetings on Mondays! They probably won't be anything too fancy but hey, who doesn't like some good ol' fashioned chicken n' rice!! If there are any adults that wish to volunteer some goodies to bring on Mondays, maybe we can come up with a sign up sheet for that. Keep it very simple. Little Caesar's for example is pretty cheap.

Jerad's 'Rustic Shed' Eagle Service Project!

Posted on Oct 18 2016 - 6:26pm

The date for this project is this weekend Oct 21-23. The location will be at our annual Harris, Mn campout. Please bring personal work clothes and gloves for the project. The project: We will be building two log cabin style sheds in the parade field at the Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club in Harris, MN. Please come and help with the building of these very cool sheds. 

Award ceremony/Holiday Party/Pot Luck!!

Posted on Oct 14 2016 - 8:48am

Everyone save the date of 12/19/16. We will be holding our annual Holiday Party/Pot Luck/Court of Honor. Now is a good time to finish up any merit badges that are uncompleted for those of you that are procrastinaters! We will be doing a gift exchange not to exceed $15. Bring a gift/Get a gift! Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

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